My name is Jason Mosley. I live in Port Angeles, WA, with my wife and child. I work in the marine industry as an engineer (that means glorified deckhand) on a tugboat. So, the bulk of my photography is based around the marine industry from the deck of a tugboat. When I am not at work, the outdoors is a big part of my family life.
My NFT art is a snapshot of the views I see in my daily life. A lot of it is based in the Pacific Northwest, on tugboats at work, hiking, and climbing. A lot of my hiking and climbing are in Olympic National Park.
My focus on my NFT art projects is a look into a part of maritime industry life that most people don't see. I will also have some of the landscape image from the PNW and its beauty from the deck of a tugboat. I do love shooting photography in the mountains, where it is peaceful, quiet, and beautiful all around.
If you are just interested in photography, you can follow me on social media. I post the most on Facebook. I try to post three days a week there.

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